Portrait photo © Louis Headlam, 2021

I'm Severin.

I'm an editor and strategist.

In 2017 I started co–matter, a brand consultancy for creative strategy and collaboration.

I'm a founding member of Techfestival, a Copenhagen based think tank and festival about humane technology.

I was part of EyeEm's early team and helped build its global community of 22 million photographers.

My interest in the intersection of culture, communities and technology started when I was Lomography's managing editor from 2004 to 2010. I was lucky to be part of a small team that built a global brand around analog photography and lifestyle. While doing that I studied philosophy in Vienna and Paris.

I live in Berlin. I enjoy cycling, sleeping and reading the newspaper on Sunday mornings.

Please feel free to reach out anytime.

Throughout my career I've worked with Apple, Google, Samsung, Colette, Adobe, Native Instruments, Capture One, Volkswagen Group, The Hoxton, SPACE10, TED, Der Spiegel, ZEIT Online, The Huffington Post, Quartz, Leica, Canon, The Photographers' Gallery, ASOS, C/O Berlin, The Boston Consulting Group, Motorola, LG, Huawei, Erste Group, Eventbrite, Airbnb, Mercedes-Benz, Saatchi Art, Getty Images, VII Agency, ICP International Center of Photography New York, Tokyo Institute of Photography, Creative Live, School of Visual Arts, Northumbria University, HUGE Inc & other friendly organisations.

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Conferences & Gatherings
Togetherness in Times of Crises (2020)
ClassroomX (Web Summit, 2019)
The Podcast Studio (Tech Open Air, 2019)
The Podcast Studio (Slush, 2019)
The Community Leadership Summit #3: The Power of Movements (Techfestival, 2019)
The Community Leadership Summit #2: Building Communities in the Post-Social Media Age (Blueyard Capital, 2019)
The Community Leadership Summit #1 (Techfestival, 2018)
Stack Zero: An Unconference about Decentralization (Blockchain Week Berlin, 2018)
Community Leadership Drinks (Slush, 2018)
The Dead Positive Society: Talks about Decentralization (2018)
Beato Art & Social Club (Web Summit, 2017)
The EyeEm X Creative Live School of Photography (2016)
The EyeEm Photography Festival & Awards (Berlin, 2016)
The EyeEm Photography Festival & Awards (NYC, 2015)
Photo Hack Day #4: Hacking the future of photography (Berlin, 2015)
The EyeEm Photography Festival & Awards (Berlin, 2014)
Photo Hack Day #3: Hacking the Future of Photography (Berlin, 2014)
Photo Hack Day #2: Hacking the Future of Photography (Berlin, 2013)
Photo Hack Day #1: Hacking the Future of Photography (Berlin, 2012)

Post-Social Media Report (2020)
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The State of Communities Report (2018)
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